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  • Come to King Tiger Martial Arts to learn these ancient arts in a relaxed, caring, supportive environment. Relaxing, gentle, energizing, fun, centering, calming, uplifting, confidence building....that's just a few ways people from all walks of life describe Tai Chi & Qigong. It's truly an activity for people of any age and any fitness level.​

    A recent review of 47 studies published in the Archives of Internal Medicine suggested that T'ai Chi and Chi Kung can lower blood pressure; increase flexibility, strength, and balance; and decrease stress, anxiety, and drepression.

    Regular practice can increase the elasticity of the lung tissue, the respiratory magnitude of the chest, and the ventilator capacity of the lungs. it will also improve the exchange of oxygena and carbon dioxide.​

    MENTAL BENEFITS - Let Tai Chi & Qigong be the highlight of your day.

    • ​Gentle movements & deep breathing help you relax
    • Clears your mind for better concentration & focus
    • Elevates mood
    • Improves cognitive function
    • Helps relieve anger & frustration
  • Though you are in a class for yourself, you're not by yourself. Our instructors provide you with:

    ​Effective, safe & personal instruction
    Individual help as you master the basics
    On-going guidance from our instructors as your skill level increases

    You will be able to:
    ​Progress, at your own pace through several levels of study
    Enhance your overall wellness
    Be in control of the learning process


    • Easy on the joints & organs​
    • Helps strengthen all the muscles of the body, especially the core, back, legs & arms
    • Improves balance to help prevent dangerous falls
    • Increases your sense of control over your body
    • Compliments other physical activities & medical therapies
    • Increases blood flow
    • Oxygenates blood
    • Improves breathing
    • Improves range of motion at all joints
    • Improves bone density
  • What Parents Say About Our Studio

  • King Tiger Martial Arts has provided a great avenue to channel extra energy, and to not only gain body confidence, but mental confidence as well for my daughter.

    Mr. and Mrs. McGinnis

  • The Little Ninjas Program enhances positive development in a fun and motivating way through constant praise and encouragement to our daughter.

    Mr. and Mrs. Heinz

  • My son looks forward to each and every practice with this School. I highly recommend them. They are very good with children and really want them to succeed.

    Cristonna L. / Mother

  • They work so well the children. They teach them confidence…bring them out of themselves and get them to participate. It is a great martial arts program.

    Cynthia Maria / Grandmother


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  • Tai Chi Virginia Beach

    If you’re looking for an excellent strength and conditioning program, looking to learn self-defense, improve your focus, self-control and discipline, or even gain confidence, King Tiger Martial Arts Virginia Beach is the place to be!

    Get in touch with us today to find out how our Tai Chi in Virginia Beach can help become a source of endless fun and personal growth for you and your family.

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