• Martial Arts After School Program

  • Looking For An After School Activity For Your Child?

    Putting your child in an after school program can help improve your child’s social skills. At King Tiger Martial Arts, your child will meet and interact with other children who are not part of his/her class at school. They are able to connect and communicate with other children who have the same interests as them.

    Also, with everything going nowadays, chances of children joining gangs, becoming victims of violence, committing violent acts, or displaying behavior that is inappropriate, are less if they are in after school programs. Parents worry less and are more productive at work knowing their children are doing something constructive.

  • Why Choose King Tiger Martial Arts After School Program

    With our martial arts after school programs, we provide children with activities that are not only engaging and exciting but assist them in their learning and social skills. Research shows a child in a good after school program is likely to achieve better grades at school.

    After school martial arts training for kids has ample benefits. The first has already been mentioned. Self-defence is now a necessary thing even for young children. The second thing that parents can expect is that their children will learn positive values that even schools cannot give or teach them. Discipline is one of this. Kids have short spans of attention. They can listen to you for a while but then end up looking sideways or so. They can follow one request but then turn down other commands. This could be an irritating thing for parents. But with martial arts, discipline is inherent. One cannot learn without possessing such value. In the end of the course, many parents agree and assent that indeed there are improvements in their children’s attitudes.

  • After School Program Leadership Development with King Tiger Martial Arts

    We train the leaders of tomorrow through discipline and character development. Our program develops the mind and body best exemplified through our student creed.

    Character of a King Strength of a Tiger

    King Tiger Martial Arts is now enrolling for its After School Leadership Program.

    The program begins January and runs Monday-Friday from 3:00pm-6:00pm*.*Special pickup time at 2:45pm

  • We build CONFIDENCE by:

    Improving Self-Esteem
    Developing Discipline and Respect (listening)
    Fostering Self-Control
    Learning Physical Self-Defense
    (as well as Mental Self-Defense)
    Having fun

    Training developed by a U.S. Naval Academy Graduate includes:
    Highly Structured / Strict Environment
    Martial Arts / Self-Defense Training
    Leadership / Character Development Lessons
    Team Building Drills / Lessons / Games
    Supervised Homework Time

    SPECIAL PROMOTION: 2 WEEKS FREE (with signed agreement). Call us for more information or stop by to fill out an application.

  • What Parents Say About Our Martial Arts Classes

  • King Tiger Martial Arts has provided a great avenue to channel extra energy, and to not only gain body confidence, but mental confidence as well for my daughter.

    Mr. and Mrs. McGinnis

  • The Little Ninjas Program enhances positive development in a fun and motivating way through constant praise and encouragement to our daughter.

    Mr. and Mrs. Heinz

  • My son looks forward to each and every practice with this School. I highly recommend them. They are very good with children and really want them to succeed.

    Cristonna L. / Mother

  • They work so well the children. They teach them confidence…bring them out of themselves and get them to participate. It is a great martial arts program.

    Cynthia Maria / Grandmother

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  • After School Martial Arts Program

  • After School Program Virginia Beach

    If you’re looking for an excellent strength and conditioning program, looking to learn self-defense, improve your focus, self-control and discipline, or even gain confidence, King Tiger Martial Arts Virginia Beach is the place to be!

    Get in touch with us today to find out how our Martial Arts After School Program Virginia Beach school can help become a source of endless fun and personal growth for you and your family.